Attractions of Staten Island – IV

Staten Island is full of attractions, it’s impossible for anyone to describe the places of attraction lying around Staten Island in a few pages. This is our fourth article in order of an honest effort of highlighting the attractions of this wonderful place. This island is full of place of historical interest describe in previous posts, here we will have a glance of Conference House Park, and Fort Wadsworth, two historical heritage of United States.

Conference House Park – A Revolutionary History

Conference House Park is very famous in History of United States. In an effort to bring the Revolutionary War to an end, Admiral Lord Richard Howe from British Government and an American delegation of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Edward Rutledge met on Sept. 11, 1776. The site for this historic, but unsuccessful, treaty attempt was the Billopp Manor House on the southern tip of Staten Island and New York State.

Today, the Conference House is managed by the Conference house Association and is both a City and National Landmark. This Billopp House is the only pre-Revolutionary manor house surviving in New York City, is surrounded by a 267-acre park. The miles of trails and a pavilion that offers waterfront views of the estuary make it one of the most romantic sports of Staten Island. Seasonal events include re-enactments, family festivals, art shows, performances and holiday events.

Fort Wadsworth – One of the Oldest Military Sites in the United States

Built along the high ground by the Verrazano Bridge is Fort Wadsworth, a formidable structure that has guarded New York City for more than 200 years. Fort Wadsworth harkens back to an era when New York harbor was protected by military bases. An enemy entering the narrows would be caught in cross fire between Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island and Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn. During the war of 1812, Fort Wadsworth was crucial in protecting New York harbor from the British. During the Civil War the site was reinforced and made into the fortress that stands today. When it closed in 1994, Fort Wadsworth has been the longest active military site in the U.S. Today it is managed by the national parks Service and is open to the public as part of the Gateway National Recreational Area.

Visitors are welcome to tour Fort Wadsworth and see New York harbor from the perspective of the countless soldiers who helped to protect it. Informative tours led by Park rangers are available and the Visitor Centre features interactive exhibits and a map of the New York State harbor forts.

Living In Miami: Prime Location, Work Potential, Recreational Fun, And So Much More

There are so many reasons why Miami homes for sale are among the hottest property options within South Florida today. Aside from the fact that they are able to provide people with great value from today’s property market, it has been proven time and again that these homes are able to provide people with a highly rewarding lifestyle that no other region is able to provide.

Prime Location

Located along the Atlantic coast of the South Florida region, Miami is considered by many to be one of the best beach resort destinations in the world. Its vibrant energy and unique vibe make it such an exciting place to be in, especially with its tropical climate conditions along with the fact that there are so many fascinating places to see and fun things to do which make every day a special day for people within the region.

People who would like to live within the most beautiful areas possible will find that there is a fabulous range of Miami homes for sale which are located in exclusive communities all across the region. If you would like to find out more information on the region’s different community options, you should get in touch with a professional agent for more details.

Work Potential

The region is considered to be a gateway to the Americas because of the fact that it lies close to Latin America. Such an accessible port means great business for many different types of companies and industry fields which is why people tend to opt for Miami over other places within the United States.

People who are interested in arts, entertainment, finance, technology, media, fashion, and more will be sure to find successful opportunities within the region which is why many of them make the right choice by looking into today’s available selection of Miami homes for sale because doing so enables them to be right on the road to their own success.

Recreational Fun

All work and no play makes anyone a dull person, but not if you live in Miami! The region is home to 84 miles of Atlantic coastline which means that people will have vast areas in which they can indulge in summer fun all year round. Of course, there really is more to it than just lazing on the sand because you can also go snorkeling, fishing, surfing, jet skiing, and more!

Even when you get tired of seeing nothing but sun, sea, and sand, you will still be able to do other things within a different type of setting. You could go looking at the many historical landmarks such as the Freedom Tower in the Downtown district, or even the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Coconut Grove. If you want an even more relaxing experience, you might even want to visit the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in the city of Coral Gables. The options are endless and there is always something for everyone!

There is not a single doubt that being able to live within Miami can be one of the best things that anyone can choose do so, especially with the highly rewarding lifestyle that awaits them within the region. That is why you should find out about today’s selection of Miami homes for sale on the property market because doing so will bring you closer to the opportunity to finally indulge in a lifestyle that is truly sensational.

Gateway Drugs or Gateway Addictions?

The theory that drugs can be put into a type of hierarchy and that one drug that is lower on this hierarchy can act as a “gateway” to a drug that is higher up has been postulated for decades. So-called gateway drugs including substances like tobacco, alcohol and marijuana are thought to be an immediate stepping stone to further drugs use of harder substances like cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines. However, some addiction specialists have questioned the validity of this statement in light of an apparent connection between other types of addiction – like computer addiction, sex addiction and gambling, with addiction to illicit drugs. This could indicate that instead of gateway drugs being an issue, the real problem could be gateway addictions. Whatever the case may be, recognizing that one lesser substance or behavior can lead to more severe behaviors is important because it means that with proper education these gateway phenomena can be reduced or eliminated.

Perhaps the most compelling case for gateway drugs is the idea that alcohol and tobacco are merely “gateways” to other substances because they are readily available, legal in most cases and can be obtained anywhere. However, according to Drug Watch International; “… if alcohol and tobacco were new products seeking FDA clearance today, each would likely be rejected as hazardous and addictive.” But because these substances are currently legal, they are seen as lower on the hierarchy than drugs like cocaine, despite the fact that mountains of evidence exist that prove alcohol and tobacco related issues are two of the biggest public health threats facing this country today. Therefore, assuming that one substance is lesser than another simply because it can be purchases legitimately is not only illogical, it’s irresponsible.

The general idea of the gateway theory is that if a person uses substances like tobacco or marijuana, they will naturally progress to more dangerous drugs like crack. This theory is seriously flawed. For instance, consider the child who is introduced to basic English horseback riding at a young age. If this child enjoys riding they will trigger the reward and pleasure center in their brain, which will in turn lead to a desire to recreate these pleasurable feelings. The child may then become involved in jumping horses, racing, and even taking part in steeplechase events. According to the gateway theory, this means that simply introducing a child to basic horseback riding is a gateway to activities that are considered more dangerous. This is a preposterous theory that simply doesn’t work.

However, there is some credence to the idea of gateway addictions – a gateway where the particular substances are taken out of the equation and addictive behavior factored in instead. Because the process of addiction is the same neurologically regardless of exactly what the person is addicted to, then in theory being addicted to gambling could be a gateway to addiction to prescription medications, or addiction to cocaine could be a gateway to sex addiction. The more we start to swap out substances and activities as “gateways,” the more ridiculous this claim becomes.

Addiction is an individual process that is different for everyone. Many people experiment with or regularly use marijuana without ever progressing to harder drugs, and some people start right out using harder drugs. This means that there is no real gateway but addiction itself. But while there might not be a perceived danger in being addicted to certain activities or even “lesser” substances, there is a real danger in being addicted to fast-damaging substances like meth and crack. If you or someone you love is living through the nightmare of a drug problem, you don’t have to watch in helpless horror any longer. Pick up the phone now or click the links below to get an immediate private consult.