Buying Recreational Property in Central Washington – Top Ten Things to Consider

So. You’ve been thinking about it for some time now… making that move over to the sunny side of the mountains in Central Washington. Finding that special place to enjoy now with the family — and perhaps to move to when the kids are off to college — can be an enjoyable challenge. Here’s how to decide for all the right reasons.

Buying Recreational Property: Consider these ten points when choosing the right recreational property in Central Washington for you and your family.

  1. Views – Everyone has their own opinion of what makes the best view. Is it views of water rippling on one of the fabulous lakes, such as Lake Chelan, Lake Entiat or Lake Pateros? Snow-capped Cascade mountain peaks in the distance? Huge 360-degree vistas that make you think time has stood still? (Or maybe you won’t settle for less than all three?) Be sure to visit each potential homesite to make sure you get the view you’re looking for.
  2. Early Opportunity – It’s often the case that new communities offer better pricing with the first phase. Remember what the price of a lot at Suncadia was when it was first offered!? If you’re looking to make a purchase that will grow in value, look especially at one of the new Chelan area communities that are in their first or second phase of construction – you will see quicker return on your real estate investment.
  3. Value – Consider what is being offered compared to the price: How large is the lot? Will you be getting the privacy and seclusion that you are seeking? What sort of recreational amenities are included? Clubhouse? Spa? Trails? Biking or equestrian center? What is the long-term potential for appreciation? Keep in mind that “bargains” don’t always translate to the best value.
  4. Healthy Homes & Healthy Living – More and more, people are interested in living a healthy lifestyle. Check to be sure that the community shares your passion for health and longevity. Do they offer health and fitness programs? Will the homes and facilities be constructed of healthy materials that will increase your well-being? Is it a sustainable community?
  5. Easy Access – How easy is it to get to the community that you are considering? Can you drive there conveniently? If it’s too far away from where you currently live, you may not have the extra time available to enjoy it. From the Seattle region, Central Washington properties range from a 90 minute drive to up to 4 hours.
  6. Services & Shopping – Sure, you may be looking for your special “hide-a-way”, but you probably still want convenient access to shopping, services, groceries, restaurants and emergency care that cities such as Chelan and Wenatchee provide.
  7. Gateway to Recreation – If you are looking for a new community from which you can stage your outdoor recreation adventures, check a map to see what is available within 30 minutes or so of the community. Are there nearby hiking trails? Golf courses? How about lakes or streams for boating and fishing outings? Skiing and other winter sports? Check out Lake Chelan and Entiat which has long been known as the “gateway to recreation”.
  8. Experienced Development Team – Check to see who is behind the development of the project. What other projects have they done in the region? What is their track record?
  9. Ideal Timing! – While at first glance it may not seem so, but now is a great time to make a real estate purchase in North Central Washington. Real estate values in the Wenatchee, Washington area have held firm over the past 12 months and should continue to do so. However, the number of sales is markedly lower, which may be signaling an opportunity to get preferred selection or to obtain special incentives from the seller. Ask if they’ll waive the annual homeowner’s fee for a few years or waive the fee for water hookup. How about a free perc test for your septic system? Check to see if they are able to provide financing on favorable terms or even a price discount.
  10. Great People – Let’s face it, even the best views and great Central Washington outdoor recreation spots won’t be fully appreciated if you don’t have great neighbors and people within the community that you enjoy socializing with. Check to be sure that you are buying into a community of people who share your values, interests and lifestyle.

A little research before you buy will make your decision to invest in recreational property a rewarding one for many years to come.

Venice – The Gateway to Jesolo

Venice is a popular destination for an Italian holiday. With numerous Venice hotels and countless cultural attractions, there is much to see and do in this ancient city. However, while everyone is sure to check out St. Mark’s or take a gondola ride, not everyone remembers to appreciate the natural wonder of Jesolo.

Jesolo is a popular resort town on the Adriatic coast in northern Italy, a short boat ride from Venice. The town has been well developed for tourism, with plentiful recreation choices for people of all ages. With is ideal proximity to Venice, guests can easily stay at any of the hotels in Venice and appreciate Jesolo on a day by day basis.

There is much to appreciate in Jesolo. First and foremost, is the beach. The beach stretches for fifteen kilometres along the coast, complete with fine Dolomite sand. This impressive beach is not only beautiful and comfortable, but it easily accommodates numerous tourists. The beach is wide as well as long, which allows for a wide variety of activities along the beachfront, including sand sports, lounging, and exploration.

Whether on the beach or off, there are many opportunities for activities in Jesolo. For the beach, guests can enjoy swimming, sailing, and wind-surfing, perfect for novices and experts alike. For some time away from the sands, there are opportunities for biking, walking, go-karts, tennis, and more. Whether it is a round of mini-golf for the family or an intense game of soccer for true enthusiasts, Jesolo has it all, with recreational facilities and rental options available throughout the area.

For those looking for a bit more leisure, Jesolo offers less strenuous options as well. Guests of all ages enjoy the shopping available in town, and everyone is sure to appreciate the multiple dining options in Jesolo. The food selection ranges from authentic restaurants to more international flavours, so there is sure to be something to accommodate any palate. Restaurants are also available near the beachfront, making it easy to transition from a day on the sands to a hearty meal.

Though many people who stay in Venice hotels appreciate Jesolo as a day trip, that is certainly not the only time when this Italian resort is a good option. To the contrary, Jesolo has a prominent nightlife. The town becomes pedestrian-only at six each night, and stays closed to automobile traffic until eight in the morning. This makes the shops and restaurants ideal for the evening hours, and also makes the bars and clubs perfect all throughout the night. There are plenty of places to enjoy a nice drink or a late meal, and there are vibrant discoteques, which offer distinctive moods and music.

Jesolo has a variety of hotels with good access to the beach, however, the area can be rather crowded and limited for those who also wish to appreciate the historical wonders of Venice. For this reason, many guests choose the hotels in Venice for their lodging, in order to enjoy both the cultural ambiance of Venice’s streets while also having the option to partake in Jesolo’s recreational fervour as desired. There are even Venice hotels that are closely situated near the water, making it easy to catch a boat ride to Jesolo on a whim, which can make for the perfect Italian holiday.

Are Prescription Drugs the New Gateway Drugs?

The problems of drug abuse change over time. The most popular illicit drug today may have been low in popularity four or five years ago and will be forgotten tomorrow.

Officials are finding that many young people who are using or are even addicted to heroin actually started by abusing prescription drugs such as hydrocodone and oxycodone. Then when their supplies of pills ran short, they found that heroin satisfied as well.

The nonmedical use or abuse of prescription drugs is a serious and growing public health problem in this country. Thousands of people in the US, mostly people in their teens, abuse prescription drugs for the first time each day. These numbers are exceeded, according to reports from the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, only by marijuana use.

Why would this be happening?

  1. Prescription drugs are seen as safer by young people because they come from legitimate sources.
  2. Less chance they will be caught; prescription drugs create no smoke, require no needles, produce no smells like alcohol or inhalants and pills are easily hidden in a drawer or pocket.
  3. It has never occurred to most parents that the pills in the medicine cabinet are targets for their kids and their kids’ classmates.
  4. Most adults use prescription painkillers as directed and do not experience the “high” that makes them attractive as recreational drugs and so might just leave them in plain sight in the medicine cabinet.
  5. And, finally, it is common knowledge in high schools and middle schools that these drugs can get one high so they are traded and sold to classmates.

All drugs are essentially poisons and the easy availability of dangerous prescription drugs, plus their addictive qualities make a deadly combination. Witness the steady stream of high profile deaths due to overdoses and fatal combinations of legal drugs.

The answer? Effective and comprehensive education on the effects of drugs and the truth about addiction. Our young people MUST be made aware of the effects of these powerful agents before they can be convinced to try them. Ignorance is the enemy here.