Symbolic Imagery As a Gateway to Astral Projection – A Must Read For Struggling Beginners

Symbol and number are some of the most influential images when it comes to conveying messages and communication. A symbol means more than one thing and a number can mean the amount and what that amount relates to. Both are an excellent tool for achieving Astral Projection.

Keeping an image in your mind is a mental practice that may be required to help you to achieve Astral Projection. One of the ways in which I always explain the Astral Plane is through the mental visions of peoples’ mind. If you can concentrate your focus onto a vision and keep it there for a very long time then you are on your way. All you need is the desire and the methods to apply that desire.

Symbols instil and convey emotion, information, understanding, subconscious meanings and so much more. They are art, and science combined. Symbols are so potent in the world we live in and most people have no idea just how potent. Symbols are alive. They have many meanings and communicate those meanings without effort. They are portals of what they contain: Information.

They are ancient and important to the entire world. Words and letters are symbols, numbers are symbols, in fact it would be a hard task to find any limitations that you could put onto symbols. Now lets apply symbols to Astral Projection. What to do:

Choose a Spiritual culture with which you identify. Then find a list or compiled collection of all the spiritual symbols associated with them. My favorites are Egyptian, Ireland, and Druid symbols. Choose one that you personally are connected with and relate to. This will help you to accomplish a deep identity with the symbol which is necessary.

The faster you can reconcile the fact that symbols are alive the faster you will be able to put them to a higher purpose than that of which you already do. I suggest you first choose a symbol that you are very drawn to and study it as thoroughly as you can. Keep in mind the history of this symbol. Where it originated if possible. Learn all the meanings you can and understand that symbols can have a hidden significance or deeper meanings than what is obvious on the surface.

Recreate the symbol on paper. Keep it in black and white for this whole process. Practice on paper until you can get it down pat. Use whatever tools you can rulers, compass, whatever. Use care when creating the symbol. Once you get it down carefully reproduce it again onto a white poster board medium sized card. This one is the one you will be using for entering the Astral Plane.

Keep this symbol always fresh in your mind and personalize whatever emotional response it brings out in you. Make sure you can recall the image in your mind with out any effort at all. Gaze into it for 15-20 minutes just before you sleep. This will implant it into your subconscious self.

Next, create or buy another card the same shape and size only leave it blank. Then prepare whatever it is you normally do before you attempt an Astral Projection. Keep both the cards with you, within your sight. They should be side by side. Once you have achieved a desired state of relaxed, semi-conscious trance-like state of mind, stare through your symbol.

Basically, look at it as if you are seeing it for the first time ever. This is known as scrying and is very difficult to explain. Try looking into it and seeing what it means to you, appearing inside it visually. Keep this up for several minutes or until you notice a change. In many cases it will just blur around its edges and become fluid like. Once you get to this point transfer your gaze over to the blank card.

It should appear over there but in a slightly different aspect. It will be in reverse. The symbol will be the color of the card and the card the symbol. It may glow too. This is the prelude to the astral world. Its the Ethereal body of the symbol. Once you become comfortable enough with seeing it and remain in control and in this state, will your consciousness into the personal meaning of your symbol.

Mentally will your soul self into the essence of your symbol. Then imagine the symbol growing all around you and allow it to take its own momentum. Once the momentum reaches its climax when it begins to recede you will have crossed over to the Astral Plane. This will be a very successful kind of Projection.

It will be of the nature of your symbol. So just become aware of your surroundings and take note of your senses too. Just learn and come back at first. Do not go running around exploring. You will need to practice in order to learn and understand the laws of this place. Always go back through the exact opposite of the way you came in. Just do or experience everything in reverse.

Coming back the way you came in is important. Just reverse everything and feel yourself once again inside your own body. Become conscious of your body. Then record all of your experience in as much detail as you can. The more you put into this the more you will get out of it. Astral Projection is very serious work and you should take it seriously.

El Jebel Secret Vacation Gateway in Colorado

El Jebel Provides Locals and Tourists Excellent Restaurant Options

A funny thing happens when you try to find information about El Jebel, Colorado on the internet. Nothing really comes up. Does that mean the town doesn’t exist or it has nothing in it? Not really. What it really means is that El Jebel is yet to be incorporated as a town, and most of the businesses established there have either Carbondale or Basalt addresses.

El Jebel is located in the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley off highway 82 between the towns of Carbondale and Basalt. There was once nothing but highway and nature between these two communities which formed in the late 1800s with the help of the booming Colorado mining industry. Throughout the last 20 years, however, a lot has changed in the area including the increasing popularity of Aspen as a world-renowned ski and snowboard destination. As Basalt and Carbondale grew and began serving more tourists every year, the distance between them has seemingly diminished as a new community has been born.

While El Jebel is not yet incorporated, and it’s difficult to find an actual El Jebel address, it has a lot to offer visitors of the Roaring Fork Valley including recreation and outstanding restaurants. Locals and visitors of the area enjoy some of the best mountain scenery Colorado has to offer year round. Given that El Jebel is located right at the confluence of two of Colorado best fishing streams the Roaring Fork River and the Frying Pan River, it serves as an ideal destination for anyone interested in white water rafting, kayaking, and fishing. Gold-medal status means these rivers are responsible for producing more of the biggest fish Colorado rivers have to offer.

As a tourist coming to visit the area your hotel will most likely be in either Basalt or Carbondale, but this small community is the place to go for some of the best restaurants in the Roaring Fork Valley. Let me tell you about a few local favorites.

Sushi A Go Go is known by locals to serve up some of the best sushi available anywhere for a fraction of the price you would pay in places like Aspen. Slightly difficult to find the first time, it’s located off El Jebel Rd right next to a liquor store. I’ve heard it described as a “hole in the wall” but in a good way. The proprietors of the place are some of the friendliest people you’ve ever met with a knack for sushi like you wouldn’t believe. If you’re a fan of sushi, you owe it to yourself to check this place out. You’ll find it hard to ever pay ridiculously high prices for the same thing ever again.

Other must-try restaurants in El Jebel include Breakfast in America, Smoke Grill, El Korita, and Bella Mia. Between just these four, you can enjoy some of the very best breakfast, BBQ, Mexican, and Italian food there is. If you’re visiting anywhere even close to town, you really need to venture over to try these restaurants. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

So don’t be fooled when trying to find information about El Jebel online, because you’ll instead see Carbondale or Basalt. Any Roaring Fork Valley local can tell you, however, that this growing community is well worth checking out.

Vacation Packages – Your Gateway to Hawaii

One of the most popular vacation and tourist destination spots today is the tropical island of Hawaii. In the past, people from all over the world have only dreamt about taking a trip to this paradise island due to a faltering economy and other difficult issues related to money matters. However, with the resurgence of the travel industry and emergence of many new travel agencies with each one offering some attractive travel incentives and perks to travelers and vacationers, many people are now able to make their dream vacation become a reality.

With its sandy white beaches, crystal clear sparkling waters, pristine emerald forests, warm tropical weather, majestic waterfalls, incredible active volcanoes, sumptuous luaus, and many other attractions, Hawaii in its own right is unlike any other destination getaway today. With these reasons alone, it is not surprising indeed that more and more people are flocking to the island paradise in great numbers, be it for in the interest of sight-seeing, rest, recreation, or for experiencing the culinary delights of a luau.

In this regard, any would-be vacationer or vacationers eying a trip to Hawaii still needs to consider what type of vacation packages that are being offered today is the most desirable for them to fit their travel and budget plans. This is the first crucial step to realizing any dream vacation to actually happen, and most especially with a Hawaiian vacation trip.

A Hawaiian package trip usually involves some details -most commonly in the areas of hotel accommodations, car or bus rentals, dining, airfare, and other related particulars. While majority of package deals incorporate most of the mentioned categories, there are also other flexible plans that can be easily adjusted to fit a client’s requirements. In some cases, some vacation packages may have hotel accommodations, free airport transfers and with a complimentary breakfast only, but with an option to upgrade to a higher package level if so desired by the client. Usually, though, in some cases, most packages are fixed and non-negotiable.

It is best to put a little effort in doing some research with the various travel agencies and what their respective offerings are to know if it fits into one’s travel and budget plans, and if the overall package is to one’s liking or not. This way, both time and money can be saved, and the long planned trip can eventually go on without any complications.

In this light, it is advisable to gather any information about the many Hawaii hotels being tied up with travel agencies package deals, since Hotel accommodations play a very important part in any vacation plan to go on as planned or otherwise.